Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad turned 65 Friday December 7th and for his present I decided to give him what really makes him happy food. Saturday my parents along with myself and two Brothers Mark & Eric made our way out to Lo Lo's in Phoenix for some good old southern food. We got there at a good time and did not even have to really wait. Notice in the pictures Marks plate he and my dad got the same thing and decided to see who could finish it. It was three pieces of fried chicken, two (thin) waffles, scrambled eggs with cheese and a bowl of grits. Neither of them finished their grits Mark tried to pretend that he liked them (that is why I was taking pictures of him trying to catch his yum face). It was a lot of fun and my dad got to see where Amare Stoudemire signed their wall. You might wonder how he knew Stoudemire had signed the wall, well when I told him where we were going he googled it. Then on Sunday we were talking about it and my brother Brett was talking a lot about it and I guess he also had googled it. Father like son huh.

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  1. Looks like fun, I wish we could have been there.