Friday, December 7, 2007

Being A Girl Rocks

Recently I have had some experiences that have made me realize two things, first that even though I complain about being a crazy girl, that being a crazy girl has its perks. Second I am 26 and it has been 10 years since I was sixteen.

Experience Number One A few weeks ago I witnessed something that made me miss being a teenage girl. My friends little sister was on her computer and received a message from a boy she liked and could not reply because she was too excited and flustered, it was really cute.

Experience Number Two In the movie Enchanted there is a scene that has singing & dancing full on musical style which I loved, but a friend I have who just happens to be male said at the same point that he wished he had a fork to gouge his eyes out with. At another point in the movie Patrick Dempsey A.K.A Dr McDreamy was doing something rather McDreamy and the women behind me squealed with delight.

Experience Number Three While running some errands for work I drove by a Christmas tree lot and remembered something that happened to me at a Christmas tree lot when I was a freshman in high school. I have to say that the memory made me laugh out loud. My parents, my younger sister Debbie, my younger brother Eric and I all went to go pick out a Christmas tree. After we tell the sales guy which one we want he sends over a guy to take it to our truck. The guy just happens to be a senior at my school and I just happen to have a big fat crush on him. My dad says he is going to go pay and asks if I will show him where the truck is. I am sure my jaw must have been dropped because I was in complete shock and totally embarrassed. But I manage to show him to our truck, but then had some difficulty getting the tailgate open. It was kind of stuck which of course made me even more embarrassed, on top of that my little brother comes walking by signing to himself. At this point Debbie who has just witnessed all this knows she is about to loose it. So she opens the cab of the truck and falls face first onto the seat so she can muffle her laughs. Oh the humiliation of it all thankfully Debbie and I had a good laugh then and when I called her to remind her.

Experience Number Four The other night Mimi came over and Alexis and I were telling her about meeting Travis and of course I got all excited and could not stop smiling again. We also watched some movie clips of Mimi’s boyfriend Henry. It was a great night of smiling, laughing and sharing crazy girl moments.

All these experience have made me realize that even though I might complain about being a crazy girl, that I completely love parts of being a crazy girl. I love having my heart flutter, or not being able to form a coherent thought when a crush is talking to you. Or being with your girlfriends and being so excited and happy that you are screaming, laughing, jumping and squeezing one another. Being a girl rocks! Ok most of the time anyway.


  1. firstly, i cannot believe you found that song! we need to get a group together and watch that movie. its been too long.

    second, i second debbie. i love this post. being a love-struck girl and embracing the craziness thats inevitable, can be so liberating. which reminds me, i need to see stardust really soon.

  2. connie, you're right..being a girl is awesome!!

    im so jelous you went to Travis!

  3. Connie hard at work blogging, We are the girls of rock and roll and i love this post!
    Being a girl is awesome for the most part.
    Still smiling from Travis!

  4. We ARE the girls of Rock and Roll, aren't we?

  5. Connie, I could not have smiled bigger. I am with Mimi about embracing out craziness. Yes!

    Oops, this is Brooke by the way.

  6. when i read this post i wanted to stick a fork in my eyes. :)

    i guess cyndi lauper was right...