Friday, April 19, 2013

Instagram Hates Me

First let me explain that my blog is in fact my journal, it is where I post what is happening in my life and how I keep track of photos. Instagram also helps me keep these things straight unfortunately Instagram decided it hates me (or pictures of sunsets) and barely let's me post and won't let me comment. I tried deleting the app from my iphone and ipad and re-installing with out any success. So I am going to post some of my failed Instagrams here so they can be preserved somewhere.
 This one actually did post but it did not post my comment. I had a couple of project I did while listening/watching General Conference this is the case I made for my ipad. I would suggest actually tracing out letters rather than just winging it like I did.
 My friend Katie and I rode our bikes down to Gecko Grill, it was fun having a bike buddy.
Debbie's kids came over last Saturday and we went swimming in the heated community pool. 

This little video was completely spontaneous Miss Grace just ran over to me gave me heart shaped clover leaves and then ran off singing and dancing. I added the song after, it is called Always Summer it is from the Brideshead Revisited soundtrack, which I don't really recommend but oh man I love this song.

These are pictures from the same day.

This is from The Riparian Preserve Debbie and Russ let me crash their family outing.

I LOVE the Riparian Preserve here are some pictures I took while going for a walk a few week prior. 

I felt silly with my iphone while all these people were walking around with professional looking cameras with huge lenses on them. 


  1. Consider all of these photos and captions Instagram liked <3

  2. You take great pictures Connie!!

  3. well if those pictures were taken with your iphone then i think you have nothing to be embarrassed about! those are LOVELY photographs!!!