Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some November

I don't have any pictures of Thanksgiving but it was really nice. I got up to watch some of my family members run in some Turkey Trots & helped Debbie a little watch the kids since Russ was running. Then headed out to my moms where our turkey feast was well under way. That night some of us watched Home Alone. It was Williams first time watching & man did we all laugh really hard. We watched this part a couple times :)

Debbie, Russ & the kids decided to spend the night at my moms since Russ had to work Friday morning & William talked me into staying over as well. So Friday I spent the morning & most of the afternoon in my pj's I also watched Harry Potter with William. Who says he is going to be a wizard when he grows up. :)

Saturday was the family reunion on my dads side, it was great to be with family & catch up. I especially love talking Muse with Kelly, John & Chris.
We met at a park in Scottsdale that has a train, I waited so I could get a picture of my family on the train but did not see them. I was about to turn my back when I hear "Grandma, Connie" I turn to see little hands stick out of the cattle car. My brother, sister & brother in law are in there as well. Debbie has pictures which I am sure she post some day.

Here are my nieces Vaeh & Gracie after the train ride.

That night was Chelsea & Rajiv's wedding reception, which was at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was just beautiful & fun to catch up with friends. Here are some flowers from the reception.

I was over at Debbie & Russ's the other night & William showed me this.

It is a lightning scar he drew on his forehead. I can not even tell you how much I love talking Harry Potter with him. He is always asking me for spells (sometimes I make them up) and I was just told while taking Christmas pictures he did not say Merry Christmas he said Happy Christmas. Way to go my little brit-o-phile as Melissa likes to call me.

And then there was this little guy, isn't he just the cutest? His little pointy chin is just so cute, I just want to kiss him all the time. But he doesn't like it when my hair tickles him.

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  1. I love William! I love the lightning scar and that he wants to be a wizard (I can totally relate!) and that he asks you for spells. I also loved that you mentioned how I call you a Brit-o-phile. :)