Saturday, November 6, 2010

Full Heart

Today was the bridal shower I threw for my friend Chelsea, you may remember her from our trip to Europe last year. But this post really isn't about the shower I will wait till I get the real pictures from Mimi to do a real post. But as I was driving home from my sister's this evening my heart was full of love. Love for my beautiful friend Chelsea & her happiness. Love for my sister who hardly knows Chelsea but because I like her she likes her. She not only let us use her yard/house not even two weeks after giving birth, she also helped plan, make & get ready. Then my mom who drove in early to help with the kids & make the food. If not for her help I would have been a stress case. Today is also my other beautiful friend Mim's birthday. Who is such a great person she didn't care when I asked if it would be ok if we did Chelsea's shower on her b-day. Then after I watched the first Harry Potter movie with my nephew William who pretended to be Harry the whole time, I got loves from Gracie & held baby Joseph. Not to mention my brother in law Russ who was so helpful & didn't seem to mind at all that I just came and took over their day.
Then to top it off I saw this when I was pulling onto my street. My cup runneth over, so many great people to be thankful for.
Here are a few shots I got just so you can get a taste of the shower before the real post comes.

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  1. I love days like that where you feel overwhelmed with gratitude and love. They are precious. Wonderful family and friends are what make life sweet.