Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This & That

First did you see what Mimi gave me for my birthday? And I would like to add that I put those photos up all by myself & just by eyeing it.

Last Friday I went to Kiersten White's book signing at Changing Hands. Her debut novel Paranormalcy came out August 31st and it debuted on the New York Times Best Selling list! Now I probably would not have read this book since I have been very disappointed with the last paranormal teen books I have read. But while complaining my friend Stephanie Perkins told me that Paranormalcy was different, for example although it is a series they don't end on cliff hangers. I trust Stephanie so I gave Paranormalcy a try and she was right it was very different from other Paranormal books I have read. It was funny & flirty kind of Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Meg Cabot, maybe? I can recommend it to everyone with out any disclaimers, it is clean with out being obnoxiously so.

Kiersten did a great job at the signing she was funny and completely at ease. I had let my friend Espe borrow Anna & The French Kiss just the week before (she finished in one sitting) and she brought it back to me at the signing. So I had to get a picture for Stephanie with both my books & Kiersten. Then we had to gush about Anna Kiersten explaining that it was her favorite & Stephanie was her best friend & I told everyone that I had the first signed copy!

I loved what Kiersten wrote in my book because obviously she has excellent taste & is awesome!

Also for those who have read Paranomalcy on page 217 Reth is describe as "some sort of beautiful Victorian dandy. He even had a walking stick....if he weren't so breathtaking, he would have looked ridiculous."

When I read that I immediately pictured these picture of Henry Cavill even though Reth is blonde, what can I say I always change guys hair color from blonde to dark.

Also I am thinking about cutting fringe (bangs) again and have been asking people what they think, so what do you think?

Speaking of fringe did you know that there is a word for me?
An Anglophile is a person who is fond of English culture

Cheers - Connie


  1. Kierstyn looks too young to have graduated from high school let alone be writing books about it. Wow. I might give it a try.

  2. Angie - Kiersten is also a Mormon mom you should check out her site.
    I will bring the book out with me.