Saturday, September 26, 2009

Movie Line Up

First up is Whip It (Oct 2nd)

I will be honest I am not 100% sold but with a cast like that, it should be good for a couple laughs. Right? And hopefully not just the ones in the trailer.

Where The Wild Things Are (Oct 16th)

Oh come on, it is just so magically delicious.

Gentalmen Broncos (Oct 30th)

If you didn't know that I love Jemaine Clement, well you do now.

New Moon (Nov 20th)

Like I need to say anything.

These Lovely Bones (Dec 11th)

I liked this book but it was really hard for me to get through. It was pretty much my worst fear growing up, losing a sibling but mostly my sister.

Avatar (Dec 18th)
It is better to go here and see it.

Sherlock Holmes (Dec 25th)

Oh yeah I am seeing this Christmas day.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Dec 25th)

I guess I will be seeing two movies on Christmas day.

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