Monday, October 6, 2008

November Please

I am looking forward to a few things this November, the first being Travis's new album Ode To J. Smith. It comes out on November 4th along with another band who I am excited to hear more from, Little Joy.

I thought they sounded a little bit like The Strokes then come to find out it is a side project for the The Strokes drummer. You can read and hear more at their myspace page.

Then I have two friends B-Day's Mimi's is the 6th and not far behind Alexis will be celebrating hers on the 14th. The same day Quantum of Solace comes out. Now let me say no one hated James Bond as much as I did. Even when Casino Royale came out and everyone told me how good it was I could not bring myself to be one of those people who goes to see James Bond movies. But my brother rented it, I saw it, loved it and hope the second "new" James Bond movie will be just as good.

Then on the 21st Twilight comes out.
Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer


  1. I really like that band and i like this post!

  2. nice song choice... it goes well with that picture, right?!

  3. Oh that song does go well with the picture..huh fancy that.

  4. Woah, woah, woah. No one hated James Bond more than you? I beg to differ. My hate is still strong. Brett made me watch the Quantum of Solace trailer and even though I think it looks mildly entertaining, I refuse to see it. From what I can tell, he's supposed to be avenging one of his lover's deaths, but along the way he still hooks up with someone. Puke. I must say, I'm a little disappointed, Connie.

    One day, I may end up eating these words and watching the movies, but I wanted to say it anyway. You know I love you.

  5. Oh Lindsey, I understand where you are coming from, but those are some big words from someone who has not seen either movie.

    You give me a call if you ever see Casino Royale.

    PS I Love you as well.