Sunday, June 15, 2008


There are so many things that I love about my dad here are a few:
~ When he laughs at his own jokes
~ His dance/dancing the twist with him & Debbie
~ Watching him play with the grandkids
~ His Generosity
~ How he never missed any of my games back in the day
~ His love of ASU sports/attending the ASU games with him
~ His love of music/movies
~ His love for his history and history in general
~ His crossword skills
~ His empathy for others - and how it often makes him cry


  1. Anonymous19 June, 2008

    this has nothing to do with your last post, but there is a nice scottish lad who moved in next door to us here in amman. he sounds just like you're fran and that craig ferguson guy (i think that's the extent of the famous scottish people i know, and yes, i know i purposely left out sean connery).

    anyway, it made me think of you. hope you're doing awesome.


  2. Brett,
    I really love that you called Fran "My Fran"! My other Scottish love is James McAvoy, Gerard Butler isn't bad either.
    I want a Scottish nieghbor, or husband ;).

  3. i really love your parents and your new layout!!