Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Young @ Heart

Last night I saw the preview for this documentary:

Ok so did this make anyone else cry? Because honestly it brought tears to my eyes. Alright I might be a little extra emotional right now but it really touched my heart.

I just love both old people and music so much.

This one might make you cry because you are going to be laughing so hard.

I am not sure when this comes out but if anyone else wants to join me I will be there tissues in hand.


  1. Hi, Connie. Thanks for the heartwarming email. Maybe your mom sent it. We serve an Assisted Living Center all week and at church. We really have come to love them and care about them. We keep losing them and it's like losing our own family. When the sisters sing at Relief Society, it sounds like a choir of angels, which is exactly what they are.
    Love, Donna

  2. i still get tears.

    i was really glad that you were tearing up too because i was nervous about one of you catching me wipe mine away!