Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl

Every Sunday our family gets together for Sunday dinner and with six brothers and a father who loves all sports and has been known to watch a game on tv and be listening to another on the radio. So you can imagine that this Sunday the super bowl was on. Now up until Saturday I did not realize the super bowl was even here in Arizona. Shocking I know. I started watching the game after half time and I could not decide who I wanted to win the under dogs or the undefeated team. And it did not help that Tom Brady is just so dang pretty. Of course he is a scoundrel and most likely a jerk. But I could not help commenting on how pretty he was so my little brother Eric went and got his espn magazine or something and showed me this.

Seriously who knew football could look so good??? It was an exciting game and in the end I was happy for the Giants Eli seems much nicer than Tom. Don't worry Tom you might have lost the super bowl this year but you win the prettiest football player award.

To the Boys, I know this is not a very Boy friendly blog but boys check out the song for this post it might just make you laugh.

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