Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Heart Jim Halpert

In honor of the new season of The Office I would like to share the reasons why Jim Halpert is the perfect guy for me.

1. Likes Travis (this is number one because I freaked out when I heard the song “sing” playing on his iPod)
2. Is a genius at pranks
3. Does amazing Impressions
4. His Smile
5. Likes and is good with kids
6. He has a big heart. He’s always helping others even if he does not really like them.
7. Plays basketball
8. He is Tall (I can wear heels and he is still taller than me)
8. Sucks at video games
9. He owns a guitar (hopefully plays but I will give him props for trying)
9. His Hair
10. Do I really need another reason??? Fine he is just so dang cute….
Here is one for the road